Physical Trainer (Personal Trainer)
Have you ever found yourself in a physical and mental state that makes you feel bad, leaves your back, hips or other part of your body tense, stiff and sore afterwards?

This kind of thing happens to 100% of people at some point in their life.

Although this may be normal for people, it is far from optimal.

Why is this happening to them? Because they are moving what they should not move in their body and vice versa.

The circuits are scrambled / jumbled in our head, so our hardware (THE BODY) deals with the negative results of that bad programming.

It really doesn't have to be this way. It can be changed if you know how to modify your software and we know it.

How do you modify your software as a human so that you can move without pain?

What if I told you that there is one great unified concept in training that ties all things together?

Suppose you want to learn a new skill, like playing golf, running better, throwing a basketball, etc. You will likely hire a trainer to help you with your technique, but have you ever thought about how many muscles you are actually using when you practice what you are doing? Have you thought about how many places on your body get in the way when you try to modify your movements in space? Do you consider how much of your body is involved in your movements and if this can be changed for the better or not?

Do you want to recover permanently and not relapse again?

Functional physical rehabilitation (biomechanics & neuromechanics) is what you need.

At Azucena Sánchez, our physical or sports training planning varies according to the goals of our users and this is exactly what we focus our attention on, and we have found it amazing how much more a body can do when its dysfunctions disappear. Thus, we do not train an opponent in the field of sport the same as a candidate for the State Security Forces or a person who wants to improve their physical condition and have a healthy and athletic body. Based on this, personalized training is required for each case.

Depending on the objective and the type of service that our user needs, we plan a multidisciplinary holistic work (along with other branches: such as nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy or medicine) or a specific job, to achieve their goal.

As a physical trainer I am qualified, not only in terms of physical conditioning (monitoring, advice and personalized training that allows the user to improve their habits) but I also have specialized training in various disciplines (nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy and neuroscience) to to be able to understand the dynamics and interaction of these that allow me to achieve both general objectives, in the professional or elite field, as well as specific ones. My main function is to improve the physical qualities of the chosen discipline and achieve maximum performance until reaching a primary objective. For example, as a tennis physical trainer, I analyze, control and manage all the physical qualities of my athlete to achieve the best performance before each match, without getting injured, resting, handling appropriate loads, controlling different variables to make the goal possible. in the medium or long term and will pass the tests (win a match, tournament, etc.).

Working on their physical capacities from their motor patterns as a method that addresses dysfunction in the body. We seek to understand basic physics, human and quantum biology. Guiding our practice to principles that allow movements to happen naturally and effectively and interacting with other professionals to achieve the goal.

Our bodies are a traction suit. We teach the bodies how this suit works. When people get acquainted with this suit, it leads to amazing things.

All functional body movements at some point end up resembling each other. There is a sequential nature involved with having muscles that drive you to move optimally in space. This sequence is derived from nature and humans have managed to take movements of the lower animals to create an astonishing form of bipolarism.

When it comes to correcting imbalances in the body, we look at the body as an interconnected system and reposition it until we find the place where traction springs up in all aspects of our movement.

All of the repositioning that we put people through at some point goes back to what humans intuitively learned over millions of years. Muscle by muscle, joint by joint, thought by thought, we reshaped humans and turned them into the versions they were supposed to become.

With the Azucena Sánchez method we can program better movements than the best humans in history, as long as we put our conscience in the right places.

The possibilities are immense.

We reverse engineer a degenerate population not only to bring us back to our roots as bipedal humans, but also to surpass our ancestors as we begin to understand fundamental principles with our biomechanics. This is a radically different approach to training, in contrast to virtually all other training methods that take root in imbalances the more you practice them.

Our approach differs because we look at inconvenient truths that no one else wants to see in training.

If you are looking to understand this great unified theory of biomechanics, neuromechanics and rehabilitation, all roads lead to Azucena Sánchez.



At Azucena Sánchez we provide real personal training. We train only one person per session, solo and personal trainer.

Only in this way can we follow the program designed together with his or our associate doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists - coach, which guarantees that each person obtains the desired results in the fastest and safest way possible.

In the facility we have two rooms for totally personal use. One for training and another for physical, psychological, emotional and nutritional recognition.

Para aquellas personas que desean un plan de duración limitada con el objetivo de obtener unos resultados concretos y aprender a mantenerlos, en Azucena Sánchez ofrecemos un programa de entrenamiento y alimentación personalizado de cuatro meses de duración para alcanzar los resultados deseados con tu entrenador personal.

En la instalación tenemos dos salas de uso totalmente personal. Una de entrenamiento y otra de reconocimiento físico, psicológico, emocional y nutricional.

At Azucena Sánchez we provide adapted personal training for people who suffer from any illness, injury or limitation and want to improve their health and quality of life. As recently confirmed by the Ministry of Health, the training of any person suffering from an illness or injury must be supervised by specialists and carried out in a facility with a health license, guaranteeing that the exercise carried out will always be carried out within the strictest security maraco.

In the facility we have two rooms for totally personal use. One for training and another for physical, psychological, emotional and nutritional recognition.

Our online personal trainer service offers the possibility of having a personal trainer in your own home, office, park or in any location where training can be carried out.

An online personal trainer connects where it suits the client, explaining in advance all the necessary training material. Our personal trainers go through the same internal training process and are nurtured by the same influences, regardless of whether they train our clients at company premises, at home online, or both. Training methodology similar to that developed in our facilities but online where the client is.

The client does not need to have training machinery, our trainer will present everything necessary to carry out the most appropriate training for the client's needs and the proposed results.

Many people do not have the time or desire to travel to a facility. On many occasions this implies falling into a sedentary lifestyle when, today, we know the negative implications for health in the medium and long term. With our 10th anniversary, we launch a new possibility that tries to satisfy a need for many unmet people.

We take you online to your home, office, or wherever it suits you best, the same system, care and control that you would find in our facilities, and that have given us a great reputation, with the tranquility and comfort of not having to leave the comfort and maximum use of the time offered by an online personal trainer.

Security measures against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases

You have heard a lot about the new reality lately. So new that nobody is clear what it is. In our case, our new reality will not change much, since we have 75m2 facilities where we train a person. This facilitates a capacity of 75m2 per person, 35m2 if we count the coach.

The objective of this page is none other than to inform you about what is known today that it works, what the ministry of health requires and what we are doing at PERFORMA. You will see a perhaps longer explanation than might be necessary, but we understand that well-informed people make the best decisions. We hope that this page not only serves to understand why we have decided to take these measures and not others, but also to understand it so that you can also protect yourself outside our facilities.

  • Self-filtering half masks

Any customer who wishes will have self-filtering masks to protect himself and others. There is a great lack of knowledge around masks. It seems that any mask works but it is not. FFP2, FFP1, FFP3, with or without filter, KN95, CE mark, disposable, reusable, etc.

The masks must be certified based on the EU 2016/425 regulation, more specifically the UNE-EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard. This standard establishes the minimum standards of filtration and pressure support necessary for its filtration capacity to be compromised. It is a regulation that applies to personal protective equipment (PPE) in the civilian population. Masks for sanitary use are governed by a different regulation (UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019).

In case you do not want to read the different regulations, we have done it for you and we can summarize it for you.

The European standard (CE) establishes different levels of filtering and, based on this, classifies the authorized masks in the FFP1-2-3 categories from least to greatest filtering capacity. Next you must initial NR (Non-Reusable) or R (Reusable) depending on whether they are reusable. If you see that it also says a D, it means that it has been tested with Dolomite.

The KN95 standard is not European but Chinese, and is governed by the GB2626-2006 standard. The KN95 standard is similar to the European FFP2 in terms of filtering capacity but, in order to be used and sold in the European Union, it must have been certified by a competent body and bear, as proof of this, the CE mark. If you have heard that hospitals are rejecting them, it is because they are approved for civil use, not for health use, which, as we explained above, are different standards.

Paradoxically, surgical masks for medical use are not considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) because they only filter one way. It makes sense since the regulations are designed to protect patients from the doctor, not the other way around. However, recent studies have shown that they do not affect performance and are safe when exercising with them. For this reason, we have approved surgical masks in all our centers so that customers can have them at all times.

You can see an official comparison of masks from the Ministry of Health at this link.

You can also consult the health statement on occupational health at this link.

You can also check the CE approval certificate for the masks that we have at this link. As you can see, you must specify the 2016/425 regulation and European standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 that I explained to you at the beginning.

  • Surface disinfection

In addition to masks, it is vitally important to disinfect floors and surfaces with an authorized product that has proven its effectiveness in canceling enveloped viruses and human coronavirus. In that sense, our trainers disinfect both rooms and bathrooms between clients, in addition to the in-depth disinfection that our cleaning staff performs every morning.

Not all disinfectant products have demonstrated biocidal effectiveness against enveloped viruses and human coronavirus. Some of them have fungicidal, bactericidal or even virucidal capacity, but very few are certified to nullify enveloped viruses such as COVID-19.

In this list you can find all the products (brand and model) authorized with virucidal capacity.

In our case, we used the product with registration number 16-20 / 40 / 90-07974 because its active principle (sodium dichloroisocyanurate 81%) has shown a high virucidal capacity including the cancellation in 5 minutes of enveloped viruses and others. known human coronaviruses.

  • Hand disinfection

In the same list where the list of disinfectant products with virucidal capacity appears, there is also a list with hand sanitizing products. As you will see, not all hydroalcoholic gels are authorized, in fact, the health list only includes 15 products. In our case we will use Sterillium, with registration number 351-DES. If you check its composition you will see how, unlike other hydroalcoholic gels, its propanol content is 85%.

  • Nebulizers and other gases

The use of disinfectant products by nebulization is also strongly regulated since it has been used in the food industry for decades. For now, we have decided not to use it since its use is not without risks for our customers.

None of the nebulizing products or the use of gases is authorized for use with the presence of people. In addition, due to its high toxicity, according to the law, a minimum of 48 hours must be left from when it is used until it is possible to re-enter the facility, with 72 hours being recommended. In addition, to be truly effective, the surfaces cannot be porous, which is why the use of stainless steel prevails in the food industry.

However, we have installed a Carbon filter device and Hepa filter, used in operating rooms and airplanes. Avoiding toxic and harmful aerosols or nebulization for our clients.

  • Temperature control

In order to protect all our clients, we monitor the temperature of all those who enter our facilities. It is established as a limit to be able to access a temperature of up to 37.4 ºC. We have opted for this figure because it is the only officially established limit (Resolution of June 29, 2020, of the General Directorate of Public Health, Quality and Innovation, regarding the health controls to be carried out at the points of entry in Spain) .

The temperature is taken using approved non-contact thermometers (Reg. 20202070707). No personal data is stored, guaranteeing the client's privacy at all times.

  • Gloves

We also have available to clients who wish to use sterile vinyl and nitrile gloves in size M in accordance with the maximum level of protection included in the UNE-EN ISO 374.5: 2016 standard.


If you have decided that I am the one to guide your personalized training, I would appreciate it if you would download and fill out the two forms that appear next to it and send them to me by email to have a clearer idea of your needs and objectives and thus be able to adapt the training to your physical condition and being able to achieve those goals.

Medical entry and exit form

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  • Online session (Consult according to location)