Neurosciences are changing the way of understanding motor skills and the new concept of coping with motor deficits and erroneous or non-activated patterns. Neuroscience is changing in the short-medium term the way to rehabilitate patients and improve the performance of artists (musicians, dancers, etc.) and high-performance professional athletes.

The ALLYANE Method of neuromotor reprogramming is a change of concept: it is a method of proprioceptive identification and plurisensory stimulation in which cognitive work is done to change the order of an erroneous or deficient motor gesture/mapping in the cerebral cortex. This change is made by a combination of low frequency sound associated with the client, optometry (SVTA method) and motor imagery (Motor Imargery).

The objective is that the customer recovers quickly and in a lasting way the sensations of strength, motor control, stability and that it not only maintains but increases when working from the starting point of stability and control motorcycles. In addition, also in patients who have never had sensations and motor skills, it can create them.

It is true that it has its limits with certain patients whose cognitive capacity is diminished or who suffer from mechanical impediments.
These results predict that it will be the way of working of the new generations of physiotherapists, psychologists and physical trainers, especially because it is neither invasive nor intrusive and has no side effects.

Who is Allyane for?

To the clients of coaches, physical trainers and sports teachers of high level and artistic, scientists and health professionals and to these same professionals.

What problems does Allyane solve?

The slow, late and inefficient rehabilitation, readaptation of the athlete, artist or patient after suffering their trauma, pathology or erroneous / deficient gesture.

What are the most common motor disorders Allyane treats?

  • Trauma
  • Gait disorders
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Capsulitis
  • Low back pain and sciatica
  • Muscle reactivation
  • Joint instabilities (shoulder, elbow, ankle, hip, knee, wrist, etc.)
  • Spasticity
  • Sequelae after a stroke
  • Neurological activation deficits

What are Allyane's goals?

On the one hand in the world of sport, professional and elite athletes, allows them to purify the technique, correct defects, deficits, erroneous motor gestures in an automatic and permanent way. On the other hand in the world of health, to patients who have suffered trauma, orthopedic surgery, neurological pathologies or a cerebral stroke (stroke), among others. It allows them a decrease in pain (pain alert), greater movement and all this in a faster and more effective way that leads us to improve their quality of life daily.

How does an Allyane session unfold?

Once the movement specialist makes a diagnosis and has identified the motor pattern that we want to modify (through precise proprioceptive identification: muscle contraction, a joint tension or simply nothing), the motor reprogramming phase begins. This consists of a plurisensory stimulation of what we are talking about: the emotional pathway of our motor skills, the reticular pathway that articulates with the thalamus, is plurisensory and there where we anchor a proprioceptive information, a motor image and a low frequency sound, the associated pulsed sound. This reticular pathway is opened by listening to specific low-frequency pulsed sounds and, when the patient is in alpha (totally relaxed) a mental visualization work can be started (Motor Imargery and SVTA). This combination of the analysis of our client's movement with the application of various stimuli (mental image, proprioceptive information, sound is effective. The duration of the sessions is usually from 1 to 2 hours depending on the case, and consist of the following itinerary:

1º The movement specialist analyzes the patient's situation, to confirm a previous diagnosis or issue a new one.

2º The patient identifies his own motor sensations.

3º A joint work is carried out with motor imagery / mental visualization of the affected / deficient / erroneous part of the body along with the listening of infrasound.

4º It ends with the fixing phase of new pattern / reprogrammed mapping of movement.

With this revolutionary methodology and work technique, the results are spectacularly fast and lasting, in most cases treated we have obtained visible and felt results in one or two sessions, although depending on the diagnosis, the number of sessions can rise to five.

Need more information about Allyane?

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Do you want to recover permanently and not relapse again?

Functional physical rehabilitation (biomechanics & neuromechanics) is what you need.
  • 180€ individual session without bonus.
  • Bonus 5 sessions 750€.