Azucena Sanchez Benito

  • Biomechanics - Neuromechanic for musicians💪🧠
  • Personal Trainer🏋️
  • Coach🧠
  • Allyane Method🎧 (neuro-functional rehabilitation/performance)💪🏻
  • Stretching Patterns🧘🏻
  • Bioneuroemotion💆‍♀️
  • Lifewave 🦠

"There is a powerful engine inside every human being that, once released, can make any vision, dream or desire come true" with this phrase, from my teacher Tony Robbins, I introduce myself.

I am Azucena Sánchez Benito, life specialist, founder of Stretching Patterns, Biomechanics for musicians, Coach, Allyane Method, Personal Trainer, Bioneuroemotion, among many other things. I base my work on my own life experience, (professional/elite athlete, in handball, athletics and cycling), for the physical and mental improvement of health, performance and aesthetics in the development of personal and professional excellence. I base my work on creating each person's own method.

I have complemented my sports training with studies and methodologies in diverse and different fields such as: neurosciences, nutrigenomics, psychology, physical and functional rehabilitation, neurology, physiotherapy, massage therapy and theology. With all this, I decided to venture into the dedication to the care of people in particular musicians and athletes. As a trainer and coach I have discovered during the training process that there is a lack of mental work to boost self-confidence. Our maximum potential = our potential - the interferences and the key is to find the interferences originated by doubts about oneself in order to reach the Goal.

My mission is to teach musicians, athletes or not, to use 100% of their capacities, mental, physical and emotional resources. Removing the limitations of their performance and improving their quality of life. "To be a leader, there is never an age limit. It is not a matter of genetics, but of enhancing the qualities of each person".

I am passionate about my work with health, energy, fears of self-improvement and social relationships. I advocate a holistic system where balance resides in change and personal growth that leads to success.