Azucena Sanchez Benito

  • Neuromechanic/Functional rehabilitation💪🏻
  • Coach🧠
  • Allyane🎧
  • Personal Trainer🏋️ ♀️
  • Stretching Patterns🧘🏻
  • Bioneuroemotion💆 ♀️
  • Lifewave 🦠

"There is a powerful engine within every human being that, once released, can make any vision, dream or desire come true," with this phrase from my teacher Tony Robbins I introduce myself.

I am Azucena Sánchez Benito life specialist, founder of Stretching Patterns, author, physical and functional readapatadora, personal trainer, therapist, coach, among many other things. I base my work on changing limiting beliefs, non-functional habits and creating belief systems and functional habits.

Based on my own life experience I have developed a methodology for the improvement of health, physical condition – training, the development of personal and professional excellence in various fields.

As an elite athlete I have been a professional in handball, athletics and cycling. In addition, I have complemented my sports training with studies in various careers and methodologies in different fields such as: nutrigenomics, psychology, physical and functional rehabilitation, neurology, physiotherapy, massage therapy and theology. With all this, I decided to venture into the dedication to the care of athletes as a coach and discovered that many institutions did not allow their students to have confidence in themselves; well, for me the performance equals your potential less interference and the key is to find the latter originated by doubts about un@ mism@ to achieve the proposed objectives.

My mission is to teach my users, athletes or not, to use 100% of their abilities, mental, physical and emotional resources, eliminating all the limitations of their realization to improve their quality of life. "To be a leader, there is never an age limit. It arises at any time, it is not about genetics, but about enhancing the qualities of each person."

I am passionate about the work of health, energy, fears of overcoming, persuasive communication and how to improve relationships. I advocate a more mature collaborative system, partly democratic in style and somewhat less capitalist, because for me in the balance lies the change and personal growth that leads us to success.