Hello, I am Lourdes Vigueras Ruíz I am 25 years old born in Murcia. I am a professional musician, my instrument is the Oboe and at the moment I am studying Master in Performance of Arts at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana.

Today I want to share my personal experience and information about the work of postural reeducation, neuromechanics and bioneuroemotion that I have been carrying out for a few months and with which I am complementing my study routine.

Many people, although now I refer to musicians and artists we can come to feel throughout our career blockages, body tension, emotional overload or psychological limitations such as self-demand or lack of confidence in ourselves, which limit us in our main objective that is to transmit and flow with the music we interpret.

I believe that the human being has no limits, but my experience makes me think that it is useless to throw away the time and hours of study without building correct guidelines and without knowing what benefits oneself when playing an instrument.

For a few months I have been working to unite the mind, emotions and body. Through one or more external focuses of attention, an optimal connection is achieved with the activity that is carried out, playing an instrument in this specific case, in order to obtain a free and pure interpretation, which reaches all people and especially ourselves.

In this way, neuronal connections are optimized, motor learning is improved to acquire motor skills and new brain capacities, the understanding of the demands and needs of the body is favored, body and postural awareness is improved, and a release of psychological and emotional blocks occurs.

Seen this way it can be difficult to understand but it is a training of body, mind and emotions in order to acquire guidelines and integrate them, to perform them automatically once our brain learns them.

I am lucky to be able to count on the best person who could accompany me on this path whose main objectives are to improve my performance as a musician but above all, to expand my knowledge to be able to transmit it and make it reach all the people who are interested and need it.

Azucena crossed my path like so many other people who come and go but I know she is here to stay @azuholisticcoach Azucena Sanchez Benito "Mind, Body & Soul Therapist.

Kisses Lourdes.