My name is Veronica Leal Balderas, born in Mexico and yes, I am 100% Mexican. And I would love to share with you a brief account of my history with Azu.

Today is June 3 and there are three weeks left for the MTB Marathon World Championships, so little time passed in my last competition in Europe (Bearded Vulture MTB marathon) and I am already preparing everything to go out again.

This time after my last experience with Azu much safer, I am glad and reassured that things work for him.

Azu know from my first year competing in Europe so well are almost ten years, first it was just the bandmate (peloton) and the language:). With the passage of time friendship was more frequent from the moment we met, always inspires confidence and as usual greetings are always accompanied by a sincere smile.

Years passed and I find the news that the 2012 season we have teammates in the same team, which was very exciting 🙂 finally on the same team; at the end of the season we said goodbye taking each new course that we don't know if we would see, but something was around my head... I knew that Azu had been working giving therapy, massage and doing "Coaching-hypnosis therapy", they call "brainwashing" in the best sense of the phrase :).

And this year 2013..... I contacted her to accompany me on my new adventure, my first MTB marathon event and well the result was excellent: a third place in the elite category Women!, that my departure from Mexico to Spain that I did not expect so clearly. And... Not bad... nothing, since I arrived in Huesca (bearded vulture) Azu always gave me confidence, treated me like a champion, helped much stronger not only physically but also psychologically, his company was of great help to me as massages 🙂 for my recovery.

As I already mentioned, in three weeks I left to MTB Marathon world championships in Austria and I know that in Austria it will be no different :).

With great gratitude,

Vero Leal