The Stretching Patterns, an English term that literally means "Stretching Patterns".

Stretching Patterns, is a holistic method of physical and psycho-emotional reprogramming patented in 2017 that combines various rehabilitation techniques, physiotherapy, world massages and psycho-emotional (Coaching, Induction to relaxation, Mindfulness, Bioneuroemotion.

Advantages and benefits

  • A session of Stretching Patterns is an excellent remedy for stress, anxiety, altered states of the nervous system, helping to promote the quality of sleep.
  • Muscle relaxation.
  • Joint and functional mobility.
  • Nueromecanica Lab.
  • Improved flexibility and pain relief by stretching and mobilizing fascias, nerves, muscles, which allows to dissolve the tensions of the spine, neck, other joints and adjacent muscles.
  • It restores body balance, helps to adopt a correct posture and leads us to rehabilitation.
  • Body, psycho-emotional and mental rest.
  • Improved proprioception and psychomotor skills.
  • Cognitive improvement.
  • Loss of calories and body definition.

Stretching Patterns method adapted to cultural, sports and clinical environments to improve both actively and passively in order to improve health, physical, sports and cognitive performance, helping to be more functional, less dependent and readapt them to their new situation.

Stretching Patterns can be used both to warm up before a session of Fitness, Workouts, sports training, as well as to improve their performance or to recover after a sports session or hard day of work.

I wish you good health and mental clarity.

  • Individual face-to-face session (Consult according to location).
  • Group face-to-face session 4 people (Consult according to location).
  • Individual online session (Consult according to location).
  • Group online session minimum capacity 10 people (€ 5 / person).