Stretching Patterns is a holistic system of physical and psycho-emotional reprogramming patented in 2017. This system combines various techniques of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, world massage and psycho-emotional techniques (Coaching, relaxation induction, Mindfullness, Bioneuroemotion and motor imagery).

Advantages and benefits:

  • Improves and aids body, psycho-emotional and mental (cognitive) rest:
    • Excellent for reducing levels of stress, anxiety, altered states of the nervous system, helping to promote quality sleep.
    • Improves confidence and mastery of your skills.
    • Recovers body balance by reducing muscle tone, which helps to adopt a correct posture and leads to relaxation and rehabilitation.
    • Improves and increases the range of joint mobility (ROM).
    • Improves flexibility and relieves pain by stretching and mobilising fasciae, nerves, muscles which allows to dissolve tensions of the spine, neck, other joints and adjacent muscles.
  • Improves performance:
    • By influencing motor efficiency, prevention of muscle injuries, pain, laxity, stiffness.
    • Improves recovery time and adaptive response of the user.
    • Acutely in endurance races with an exercise intensity of 90% of VO2max.
    • By stimulating the transport of amino acids, accelerating synthesis and inhibiting the catabolism of muscle proteins.
    • Increases muscle size.
    • Prevents or reduces DOMS (post-exercise muscle soreness).


  • Improves aesthetics:
    • Facilitates the elimination of waste substances due to increased blood flow in the stretched muscles (lymphatic effect).
    • Calorie (fat) loss and body definition.


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  • Individual face-to-face session (Consult).
  • Group face-to-face session 5 people (Consult).
  • Individual online session (Consult).
  • Group online session minimum capacity 5 people (Consult).