Our massages and therapies encompass multiple healing techniques and philosophies. Based primarily on feeling the other and on the manipulation of the skin, muscles, nerves, connective tissue, bones, vessels, ultimately the body and relaxation techniques through which we work with thoughts and emotions.

Artisan work and 75% with hands and natural products, although if the client requires it and needs it, we use state-of-the-art mechanical devices.

Through this ancient method "la masoteapia" practiced by most cultures of the world. We relieve pain, stiffness in joints, nerves, muscles and in all tissues, thus releasing tension, reducing anxiety and stress. All this promotes relaxation, improved circulation, stretching, flexibility, improvement and correction of posture, increasing the range of motion of the joints, leading to a mental state of calm, tranquility, confidence, security and restores the energetic flow of energy that flows through the body so that it is not interrupted or blocked causing disease or pain.


"I firmly believe in a holistic well-being or if you prefer call it global or integral. Currently we focus too much on taking care of the physical part of our health neglecting our feelings, emotions and thoughts. All the therapies that we offer in Azucena Sánchez Mind Body & Soul Therapist provide attention to these needs ". "The WHO supports the use of traditional and alternative medicines when they have proven their usefulness for the patient and do not represent a minimal risk, Dr. Lee Jong-Wook, director general of the WHO."

  • Bioenergetic Therapy and Chakra Radisesthesia
  • Hypnosis
  • Bach flowers
  • Reïki Usui Tibetan
  • Lifewave - Self-applied Nanopuncture (Refer to your home page)
  • Bioneuroemoción (They refer to their main page)
  • Andulation
  • Consult according to location.

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