"Most humans are like leaves falling from trees, flying and fluttering through the air, hesitating and finally rushing into the ground. Others, on the other hand, are almost like stars; they follow their fixed path, no wind reaches them, for they carry within them their law and their goal."

For me the hardest thing in my growth, it has not been to acknowledge my mistakes and correct them, the worst thing is certainly to realize that I have them when it is too late.

The teacher said, "the last one who sees the water is the fish" because the fish has always had the water.

This also works for talents or qualities, how can I grow a talent or quality if I don't know that I have it, because in my mind I always see the same thing?

How can I grow, if I don't know what I have, if I don't optimize my qualities or talents?

If you really want to discover yourself in a way that you will be surprised, that will allow you to achieve better results in all areas of your life, but above all enjoy more than you have.

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